Sustainable Investing


For many years, you and your family have supported the causes, charities, or organizations that are important to you.  Providing financial support, engaging in advocacy, or volunteering your time have brought meaning for you and positively impacted the issues you care about.  Naturally, you may have also wondered “How do I similarly align my investments with my values?” or “What’s the best way to position my investment assets for positive impact, especially with regard to the causes that really concern me?”  And, importantly, “Do I have to sacrifice performance?”

Increasingly, investors are recognizing that companies with good corporate practices, especially those related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, can exert a positive impact AND are sound investments.  Intuitively, this makes sense.  A company that reduces its carbon footprint by emphasizing more efficient uses of energy will help the environment and lower its input costs.  Fostering a positive and productive workplace can improve employee relations and reduce human resource costs.  Similarly, a company with transparent and accountable governance is less likely to endure controversies or reputational risk.  An investment approach that explicitly manages these risks and seeks to capture these opportunities throughout the investment process can lead to long-term positive impact without sacrificing long-term financial goals. 

Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing involves the holistic integration of ESG factors into portfolio management. We have carefully designed sustainable investing solutions to provide you with the opportunity to take that next step of aligning your investments with your values and positioning your assets to have a social and environmental impact. Our solutions are flexible and implemented only after we understand your priorities and discover the issues that matter most to you. They offer broad diversification across asset classes and may include more targeted investments in funds that address specific issues such as climate change or gender equality.


Taking this step begins with you. With our expertise and guidance, we can help you move forward. Please contact us if you would like to learn more. We would love to get the conversation started.

Exploring Sustainable Investing and Portfolio Outcomes

Sustainable Investing has been practiced in many forms for much of the past 50 years and it continues to gain momentum. Today, the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance reports that the field has grown to more than $30.7 trillion in assets under management[1].

Despite the long history and burgeoning growth of the field, there are still persistent questions about potential trade-offs between performance and sustainable objectives. However, there is a growing body of research examining this issue. Some of the studies were conducted as part of academic research while other reports were generated by asset managers and practitioners. During the development of our strategies, we reviewed this research and considered these potential objections.

There are a host of issues to examine when reviewing portfolio outcomes. Performance, risk, diversification, governance and non-investment considerations should be evaluated.

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[1] Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, 2018 Global Sustainable Investment Review.