Wealth Management

Your wealth is more than your money. Our integrated approach brings the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your wealth together for a common purpose.

We help you get there

Your wealth has a history and there is more to wealth management than simply compounding dollars. Our approach to planning and managing wealth is based on your goals and aspirations so it is there for future generations.

We begin by exploring your story to understand your wealth management needs and expectations, and more importantly, your family dynamic. We meet with you to gain a sense of who you are and where you’d like to go in the next chapter of your life – and then we help you get there.

Underpinning The Colony Group’s relationship with you is our investment expertise. We research industry trends and best-practices in portfolio design to create investment strategies that are aligned with your aspirations.

We consider all this

plans and
Pension assets
Real estate,
personal and
Lines of credit
Private equity

We appreciate that your story is unique, and we believe your financial strategy must reflect what matters most to you. As a fiduciary, our investment decisions and the advice we offer is in your best interest. We take a long-term view and believe that our unbiased, collaborative process leads to results that will enrich your family as your narrative continues.

We identify aspirations, priorities, needs and concerns that are unique to you and your family.

Define your goals and timelines
Research priority topics and, if necessary, engage outside specialists
Design an integrated strategy
Review progress and modify as circumstances or family needs change

We apply a disciplined, structured methodology to manage your wealth through good and bad markets. Our rigorous process gives you both a deep investment expertise and access to a broad range of proprietary and third-party investment solutions grounded on an understanding of your specific circumstances.

Successful relationships depend on good communication. At The Colony Group, we engage in open, consistent and responsive communication with our clients. We meet regularly, provide comprehensive quarterly reporting, and are always available by email and telephone.