Family Office

A Family Office provides you dedicated staff to ensure your hard work is preserved for future generations, and that they are well prepared to prosper from your legacy.

Live your dreams and thoughtfully consider your legacy

Families of wealth, whether created or inherited, have ongoing responsibilities to steward the wealth for future generations. Within every story the fact remains that wealth requires management of both numbers and people. We think of this as operating a financial company, and it creates new demands on you and your family.

The Colony Group's family office provides discerning families professional services delivered in a highly personal and completely customized way. We work with you and your other advisors to protect and grow your family’s wealth now and for future generations, with the goal of allowing you the freedom to pursue your encore career, live your dreams and thoughtfully consider your legacy.

You’ve earned the privilege to spend time creating special moments to deepen and enrich your family’s story, and our family office gives you the freedom to do so. We take a comprehensive approach and design a strategy that complements your family’s unique needs.

As a family office, we handle:

Family legacy and leadership (meetings, education and governance)

Investment policy & management, asset allocation, manager due diligence

Advanced planning in trusts, estates and taxes

Private banking provided in conjunction with qualified third parties

Philanthropy consulting and implementation

Risk management

Bill paying

Recordkeeping and reporting

Property management and transactions may be provided directly or in conjunction with qualified third parties


Everyone can move forward together

The “business of the family” can stir-up emotions and raise issues among family members that are difficult to manage. Our team specializes in facilitating meetings and conversations to help family members with differing views and opinions find common ground so everyone can move forward together.

We help clients attain life goals as well as financial objectives. A family’s legacy is measured more by its values and the inclusion of each generation than by its material wealth. The end goal is a unified family, aligned by common principals and vision. The Colony Group helps you get there.